Walking on the beach while you hear the waves crashing on the sand, having drinks with the setting sun in the background. The #beachlife has something magical! Whether you are active on the water (think of kitesurfing, surfing, supping) or just relaxing, you can always enjoy the beach. What is it that makes the beach life so special?

10 reasons why the #beachlife is the best life

  1. It makes you happier (research)

    Several studies show that there is a connection between mental health and looking at the sea or ocean, also known as the ‘blue mind’. When we are near the water, our brains have rest from overstimulation.

    Biologist and researcher Wallace J. Nichols wrote a book, now bestseller, about it:
    Blue Mind: The surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do

  2. Everything tastes better on the beach

    A (white) beer / wine at home or on the beach? Admit it, it all tastes better when you’re at the beach.
    Drinks at the beach

  3. No stress

    The sea and the beach are good for your health. You feel calmer, fresher and more positive. This is partly because you have few stimuli near the sea and the horizon radiates tranquility. The sun on your skin, wind through your hair and sand on your feet provide a stimulation of the senses.

  4. Vitamin D

    Sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D. Our body can produce vitamin D itself under the influence of sunlight. Vitamin D is needed to extract calcium and phosphorus from your diet so that the body can absorb it.

    Did you know it’s more sunny in spring and summer near the coast than inland?

  5. Vitamin Sea

    “All you need is a good dose of vitamin sea”

  6. Salt water is good for your skin and body

    Sea water is good for the skin. It’s full of minerals such as sodium, chloride, magnesium and calcium. Wounds recover faster and it works well against acne. These minerals are also inhaled in the form of negative ions. The sea air is a medicine that you breathe in. It improves organ functions and is a boost for your cell metabolism.

    Catched a cold? Take a good dive and you have a free nasal spray.

    feet in the sand

  7. Natural peeling

    On the beach you have the chance to exfoliate your legs, feet and heels. What? Right, that’s what I thought. Exfoliating is the cosmetic use to remove dead skin layers. In other words: rub the sand gently on your skin (for example after swimming when the skin is still wet). In this way you remove the dead skin cells from the epidermis and your legs and feet become soft again. A natural foot spa treatment!

  8. The feeling that you are completely gone

    One with nature, peace and space and enjoy beautiful sunsets. After a few hours on the beach you feel like you have been off for three days while in the morning you might still have been at the office.

  9. Beach parties

    Parties and performances are always more fun on the beach. Feet in the sand, a drink in your hand and time to dance!

  10. Sleep like a baby

    Sun ensures that melatonin levels are suppressed. It ensures that your body stays awake and that you are more active during the day. You also improve the melatonin production in the evening. As a result, you will probably sleep wonderfully.

    And do not forget that wonderful rosy feeling after a day at the beach. The moment you hit your pillow you are gone.

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