Kitesurfers, you often see them on the news when another storm rushes across our country. The daredevils! But the sport is far less extreme than you might think … I give you 10 reasons why you (as a woman) definitely have to go kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is generally still a man’s world, you do see more and more women but they (we) are clearly under-represented. There are many prejudices about the sport, so it is often thought that kitesurfing is dangerous and extremely intensive. This is not true, you do not have to be that strong (except if you are going to do unhooked tricks and kiteloops). In addition, kitesurfing produces relatively fewer injuries than for example football, but if something happens… the injuries can be very nasty and painful.

Top 10 reasons why you should go kitesurfing

  1. Enjoying the kind of weather your friends like to stay at home with
    While your friends are complaining that it’s windy again you can’t wait to get back on the water.
  2. The beach…
    What is better than hanging on the beach for days?
  3. Beach hair, don’t care
    Some do everything to get a beach look with sprays and hair straighteners. You have that summery beach look all year round. Forget the hair paint and color shampoos, with kitesurfing you get natural highlights.
  4. Let it go (live in the moment…)
    Planning ahead? Forget it… you can’t predict the wind. Sit back and relax.
  5. You travel to places in the world where you otherwise would never come
    There are so many beautiful kitespots in the world, and you want to check them all off! From Brazil to Egypt and Cape Town. Your holidays are all about one thing: kitesurfing.
  6. Hardcore full-body-workout
    Become super fit and trained without being aware of it.
  7. Healthy addiction
    Kitesurfing is so addictive and time-consuming that you can leave your bad habits behind. If it the wind blows, do not hesitate for a second and grab your stuff right away. No time for Netflix.
  8. New friends
    Always nice to meet like-minded people. Are you on a spot? Everyone is open for a chat because you share the same passion. Kitesurfers are laid-back and the sport attracts a certain kind of people. People who love nature, are looking for adrenaline and try to get everything out of their life.
  9. No-stress
    Since the adrenaline factor in kitesurfing is a lot higher than in the average sport, you completely lose your stress after a good session. It feels like you had a few days off from work while you were in the office four hours ago. Such a great feeling!
  10. The sky is (not) the limit
    Kitesurfing is so incredibly versatile. Whether you want to ride waves, jump as high as possible or do crazy freestyle tricks, it’s all possible. There is so much diversity in the sport that you always keep learning and improving, no matter how good you are. In addition, you regularly see new disciplines appear. A sport that is in full development!

Reason 11 (bonus): The guys will like it as well!


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