Earlier we wrote an article about why kitesurfers can best date a kitesurfer. In this article we explain why, as a non-kitesurfer, it’s better not to date a kitesurfer. No matter how beautiful it all seems … long days on the beach, tanned skin, beach hair, good body and so on. Relationships between kitesurfers and non-kitesurfers rarely last.

Do you dare it? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. In fact … don’t end up complaining to him / her that you see each other too little, for example. You have been warned!

10 reasons why you shouldn’t date a kitesurfer

1. You always come in second place

We can better be clear about it. Kitesurfing comes first, you come (hopefully) in second. This will never change!

2. He / she cancels your date or appointment last minute

Kitesurfing comes first. So if the wind suddenly starts to blow … he / she is not going to have dinner with you. Maybe after his day on the water but then he / she is so tired that he / she probably doesn’t feel like it.

3. He / she only wants to go on holiday to destinations where the wind is good

Choosing a nice sun holiday together? He / she already has in his / her mind where the wind blows well and where beautiful spots can be found. There is a good chance that he / she pushes these destinations forward as: “beautiful sun destinations”. Eventually you sit in the sun on a deserted beach with sand flying around as there is 25-30 knots of wind every day. Wonderful sun holiday!

The waiting game

4. He / she can only talk about one thing

There is a good chance that his / her passion for kitesurfing has since turned into an addiction. I don’t want to say he / she has a tunnel vision but there is only one thing that really matters and that is kitesurfing. And that is all he / she is talking about … kitesurfing, kitesurfing and more kitesurfing.

5. If he / she asks you to go to the beach, it’s not for a pleasant afternoon but so you can take photos

Is he / she asking you for a nice day at the beach? Forget it… prepare yourself that you can stand by the water for hours to take pictures of him / her. As a result, soaked socks and frozen fingers.

6. He / she gets grumpy if the wind doesn’t blow for a while

Addicts also have to do with withdrawals. For example, kitesurfers must be constantly fed with adrenaline. Isn’t it windy for a while? Prepare yourself…

7. Avoid chic dinners with the family

Where you like to dress up occasionally for a fancy dinner with the family, he / she has nothing else in his closet than hoodies. And preferably he / she also puts on a cap or beanie.

8. ‘Planning’ something nice? Forget it…

Making plans? Kitesurfers already get itchy with the idea. The only thing he / she plans is free weekends and kite sessions. All other appointments and fun outings go last minute.


9. Going out on a Friday or Saturday night? No, he / she wants to be fit

Going out late, resulting in a big hangover and relaxing on the couch all day? No, if there is even a slight chance of wind, he / she wants to be fit the next day and therefore goes to bed on time. Especially at the weekend!

10. They speak their own language

Knots, choppy, kiteloop, stoked … what is he / she talking about? Kitesurfers have their own language that you probably don’t understand.

Still want to go for it? 


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