One calls kitesurfing an addiction, the other a drug to function normally. Once you have ride your first meters, you feel the adrenaline rush going through your body and you realize that you don’t want anything else. Being outside and be one with the elements makes you forget everything. The feeling of ultimate freedom! In addition, kitesurfing brings you to the most beautiful places in the world where you would otherwise never come.

When the wind determines your life you are definitely addicted.

Do you recognize yourself in these 10 signs?

  1. You check the forecast throughout the day

It starts in the morning when you wake up. The first thing you do is get your phone and check the forecasts on websites like Windfinder and Windguru. If one is negative, you’ll look further until you have found a forecast that you like. You already know exactly when the apps refresh the forecast.

During work you check the forecasts again a few times. Is the forecast good for the day after tomorrow? You will already do everything to clear your agenda so you can take a day off.

  1. You never lose sight of the wind 

Is the wind already blowing? Is the wind already blowing? You do not lose sight of the wind for a moment. You pretend to be so relaxed, but in the meantime you constantly check whether you already see the trees moving.

The waiting game
The waiting game
  1. You get slightly frustrated if there’s no wind for two weekends in a row 

Of course you hope that you can go to the water every free day or every weekend. If there’s no wind for a while, you will be slightly annoyed. Again no wind, wait another week and hope. And the predictions looked good at the beginning of the week…

  1. You sacrifice a part of your house for all your gear

You have already sacrificed a part of your garage, shed or wardrobe for your kitesurfing gear and your boards are scattered throughout the house. Where, before you started kitesurfing, you still thought you did not have enough space, you now easily throw away some stuff so that you have room to store your gear. Empty spot on the wall? Then you just hang a board there instead of a photo or painting?

  1. You rather buy a new wetsuit than new clothes

Your normal clothes? You only wear them at work nowadays. Furthermore, you prefer to walk around in your wetstui as much as possible. And you want to look good right?

  1. Eveything you have is covered with sand

Have you just cleaned your house, is it covered with sand again. Your shoes turn brown, you are used to sand in your bed and your car looks like a second beach. Ah, does it matter?

  1. In your dreams you already land all the tricks

In your dreams you easily do a double hintenberger mobe and you pull the most stylish board-off kiteloops like Kevin Langeree. Ok, now in real life …

Keep smiling after a crash
  1. You already thought about quitting your job and kitesurf around the world

You know you can not just stop working, but you regularly imagine how great it would be if you could kitesurf 365 days per year in the most beautiful places in the world … Or at least for a few months?

  1. You don’t plan anything more (except kitesurfing vacations)

Your non-kite friends now know that they have to wait. You do not plan anything any more, only when you know that there’s really no wind, you call them to meet up.

  1. You can’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t share the same passion

Someone who does not share your passion for kitesurfing will never understand you. He/she comes in second place.


Do you recognize yourself in these 10 signs or is there still missing something? Let us know in a comment.
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