Nobody is perfect, and of course that’s not necessary. Kitesurfers, however, have a number of special (bad) properties and habits. Watch out if you are are talking to a kitesurfer about one of these bad characteristics or habits because in their own eyes this is of course not true … They can’t think clearly anymore because of their addiction (= kitesurfing). Are you a kitesurfer yourself? Then I’m sure you recognize some of these characteristics and habits, just admit it!

10x bad characteristics and habits of a kitesurfer

1. Cancel appointments last minute

Do you have an appointment with a kitesurfer? Then you only know when he/she is there if the appointment actually continues. Chances are that he/she is on the way, sees the trees going back and forth and still decides to drive to the beach.

2. World of excuses

Kitesurfers have a book full of excuses that they can use if they have to cancel last minute, or prefer to keep the weekend free because there is a chance of wind. And they are not shy to throw the most ‘bad’ excuses on the table.

3. Selfish

Many kitesurfers have a big ego. They think they are the better kiters on the water and that other rules apply for them, or actually no rules. They assume that you give them priority and they do all their tricks as close as possible along the beach, also called the show-off kiters. They often think they are the only one on the water and don’t take other water sports enthusiasts into account.

Eigenschappen show off kiter

4. Easily distracted

If you finally have a good conversation with a kitesurfer, he/she is suddenly distracted by the leaves of the tree that go back and forth. Bye good conversation! He/she is already distracted by the slightest breeze of wind.

5. Materialistic

A bit of kitesurfer is materialistic, or it will automatically become it as time goes by. You never have enough kitesurfing equipment at home and of course you want to keep up with the latest trends in material.

6. Grumpy 

If there’s no wind for a while you can better be careful with kitesurfers. The smallest disagreement can soon grow into a considerable discussion. Kitesurfers that have been dry for a while (há há) can become a bit grumpy. Let them go a little, as soon as they can get back on the water again, they’ll be fine.

7. Boring

Surfers, aren’t that those lively types? Forget about it … The wannabees might be, but the hardcore kitesurfer wants to be fit for a nice kite session the next day. Not going to the pub on a Friday evening but going to bed on time for a nice sunrise session the next day. #boring

8. Sensation seekers

Kitesurfers are real thrill seekers, they must be fed with adrenaline continuously. Imagine you propose to go supping together, then his/her reaction is probably: “SUPping”? That is so dull … ”

Kitesurfen IJmuiden

9. Perfectionistic

While other kitesurfers and/or spectators think “wow, what a cool trick”, is it never perfect for the kitesurfer himself. Your jump can always be higher and your tricks can always be a bit cleaner. It is never good enough!

10. Addicted

Kitesurfing is simply an addiction so all the characteristics of an addiction and characteristics of an addict belong too it…

In how many of the above characteristics / habits do you recognize yourself?

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