Did you ever realised that your perception and view on life totally changed since you are kitesurfing? Do you remember the difference how you looked on / thought about things before you were kitesurfing and nowadays? And if you would hear yourself saying these things before you were kitesurfing you would thought you are crazy?

I still remember this quite well and can actually laugh about it. It’s strange how certain ‘small’ decisions in life (like taking kitesurf lessons) can change your life so much and make you (almost) a different person.

In this article I will share 10 examples of how I looked at things before I was a kitesurfer and how I look at them nowadays. Hope you’ll recognise them!

How kitesurfing changes your perception and view on life; 10 examples

Non-kitesurfers: Think it is always windy…
Kitesurfers: Think it’s not that windy at all…

Non-kitesurfers: I only go to the beach when it’s 20+ degrees.
Kitesurfers: I only go to the beach when it’s 20+ knots.

Non-kitesurfers: Think you can only get a sunburn when it’s very sunny.
Kitesurfers: Know you can get a sunburn even when it’s raining!

Non-kitesurfers: Think that the waves of the North Sea are not so high.
Kitesurfers: Know they can be!

Non-kitesurfers: Hate sand in his/her bed after a beach day
Kitesurfers: Sand in your bed? Sand everywhere! Part of the game.

Non-kitesurfers: There are not many kitesurfers.
Kitesurfers: It’s getting way too crowded on the water.

Non-kitesurfers: Cape Town = wine tasting & watching the big five.
Kitesurfers: Cape Town = kitesurfing heaven.

Non-kitesurfers: I am not sensitive to addictions.
Kitesurfers: I have an addiction.

Non-kitesurfers: Think flip-flops are something you wear on hot summer days.
Kitesurfers: Wear flip-flops even in the winter.

Non-kitesurfers: Weather apps are all the same, so I have one.
Kitesurfers: I have 3 weather apps, 5 wind apps and they say something different.

Which one do you recognise the most?

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