If you are single and looking for a partner, it is often difficult as a kitesurfer to plan dates (something with wind), so it can be that you have to cancel two times in a row. When you finally show up, you can talk for hours about your passion: kitesurfing. Your date, a non-kitesurfer, does not understand what you are feeling, which causes irritations and / or discussions and your date is done with it. The problem is that most non-kitesurfers do not understand what you are feeling, while you as a kitesurfer like to share your passion with someone. Tricky!

Solution? Date a kite surfer!
Read further for tips on finding a single kitesurfer.

Why kitesurfers should date a kitesurfer

  1. Not afraid of silences on your first date

Enough to talk about! You can talk evenings about your kitesurfing experiences, gear, holidays, hardest crashes, and so on. Really, this is such a relief and makes it so much easier!

  1. If he (or she) even looks good in a wetsuit with his hair mixed up…

Then you probably won’t be shocked in the morning either

You know, those parties where everyone dresses up and you think you have caught a really nice guy / girl … You go on a date a few times and then that morning comes where you wake up next to each other. You suddenly see the true nature of your date (hair messed up, no make-up, etc) and you are in a shock!

Don’t worry, that’s not gonna happen now. You have already seen each other on the water several times, in wetsuit, without make-up, messed up hair, etc. If your date looks even nice then, it won’t be too bad in the morning either! 😉

  1. Dates on the beach #beachlife

You have planned a date but suddenly it the wind starts to blow. No problem! You see each other on the beach and will have a drink together after the kite session, while the sun slowly goes down. Magical!

Kitesurfen Wijk aan Zee

  1. You understand each other

This can sometimes lead to big problems with kitesurfers and non-kite surfers, and that is not surprising because it is difficult for someone who does not kite to understand how you feel. Why you can talk about your passion for hours and changed your lifestyle.

It feels good to date someone who really understands you. Are you baled because that good prediction has completely changed at the last moment? He / she understands you!

  1. Share the stoke!

And last but not least, there is nothing better than being able to share your passion with someone. Travel together to the most beautiful kitesurfing destinations in the world, help each other with new tricks, use each other’s gear and talk endlessly about your passion.

Kitesurf together

How do you find a single kitesurfer?

That sounds all very well, but how do you find a single kitesurfer? Cause grabbing your phone with your wet hands directly after your session to check Tinder and Happn to see who’s around, is also not really an option. Probably 99.9% of the kitesurfers are not even thinking about that at that moment. They are still completely stoked from their session, read out their Woo first, discuss with each other which tricks they have done and how they went, etc.

3 tips for finding a single kitesurfer

  1. Book multiple coaching lessons at kitesurfing schools 

If you are really desperate and have some money left, you can always check out the Dutch kitesurfing schools and book a coaching class. In the hope that you get a nice single kitesurfer as an instructor.

  1. Go to parties at surf-orientated-beach-tents

Here are the surfers! Yes indeed … surfers, in general. You have to try to select the KITEsurfers from the crowd in one way or another.

  1. Mixed kitesurfing group holiday

A (mixed) kitesurfing group holiday is also a good way to meet new people, and there’s a big chance that there are some singles in the group as well. Or someone whose relationship is about to break because he/she definitely wanted to go on a kitesurfing holiday while his/her partner is sitting at home.

By the way, did you know that Villa Vibes also offers kitesurfing trips for singles?


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