The Aegean Coast is less known than the Turkish Riviera, but maybe even more beautiful! Important holiday destinations are Kusadasi, Bodrum and Marmaris. The Aegean Coast is known for its beautiful nature and bays. There is also plenty to see for culture lovers. A number of important historical sights from Greek and Roman times can be found here.

The gems of the Aegean Coast 


Want to escape from the mass tourism? Dalyan is a small village located in a protected nature reserve, it used to be a fishing village. Although it is now a well-known place, it is not overrun with tourists. Dalyan is known for its beautiful nature, giant sea turtles (the Caretta Caretta), royal tombs, hot springs and mud baths. A boat trip through Dalyan reminds you of the Dutch Biesbosch.

The village is still authentic and they do everything to preserve it. Have a nice dinner at one of the many restaurants on the river. They serve fresh fish and delicious other Turkish dishes.

The ancient city of Ephesus

Are you trying to check out the seven world wonders of the ancient world? A visit to Ephesus is a must, here you’ll find the temple of Artemis. At least, what is left of it… The temple is one of the seven world wonders. Even if this is not your goal, Ephesus is an absolute must see!

Ephesus is one of the most fascinating archaeological excavations in the world and the most important ancient city in Turkey. Ephesus was an important city with its strategic location near the Aegean Sea. Back in the days the city had 250,000(!) inhabitants.

Famous sights within Ephesus are the temple of Artemis, the library of Celsus and the theater Panayir Hill. The theater hosted 24,000 spectators, making it one of the larger open-air theaters in antiquity.

Tip: It can get very crowded and warm. So try to go as early as possible.
Make sure you drink enough and bring a cap or umbrella. Shadow is hard to find in Ephesus.

The Saint-Tropez of Turkey: Alaçati

Alaçati, a hidden gem near Çesme, especially loved by the richer Turks. Therefore it’s also called the Saint-Tropez of Turkey. Alaçati is known for its beautiful bays, azure sea, windsurfers, nature, narrow / authentic streets and delicious food. Because there are no large hotel chains, there are few foreign tourists. Many wealthy Turks have a second home here where they spend the summer.

In the evening the village comes alive. Terraces are filled with people, the shops are open until late and most kitchens even until midnight.

Looking for more action?

Because of the good wind you the best wind and kitesurf spots of Turkey are located in this area. More about that you can read the article: Kitesurfing in Turkey? Gülbahçe is the place to be!


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