Winter is coming and for many kitesurfers that’s a reason to throw all their gear somewhere in a corner around the end of October. If you are living in Holland your gear have probably been laying there already a lot this season so it’s good to give them extra attention in the winter. And in the end it’s not necessary to put them there because with these tips you can also survive the winter if you are a ‘beautiful weather kiter‘.

5 tips to survive the winter as a kitesurfer

1. Don’t complain and don’t wear a dry suit

It’s all in the mind. It starts with a good and positive attitude. Don’t be a wimp and stop complaining. Provide good protection (clothing) on the water. Dry suits are forbidden, the chance is too big that you will be confused with a whale (or German).

2. Don’t book a trip to a warm destination

It sounds tempting to go kitesurfing in a warm place like Brazil in the winter, but it has a very big disadvantage. Keep in ming that afterwards you only want to get back on the water around June, when you return home you have to acclimatise extra.

3. Don’t jump and leave you foilboard at home

The higher you’ll get in the air, the colder the air gets. Air is heated up by the ground, the farther you are from the ground, the colder the air. The air is thinner at higher altitudes because the air pressure decreases with altitude. So stay as close as possible to the ground and the sea, the temperature of the sea in the winter is often higher than the temperature of the air.

4. Don’t do a warm up

In cold water you burn extra energy and calories because your body needs to work extra hard to make your inner ‘stove’ burn harder. Your body needs more fuel. Make sure that you can enjoy your session optimally and that you are not already tired at the beginning of your session.

(Ok, ofcourse we all understand that a warming up is even more important during the winter)

5. Don’t drink hot chocolate with rum

No matter how tempting it is to go for a hot chocolate with rum after your session, it is not a good idea! Alcohol cools your body faster. Yes really! It does not feel like it when you drink a lot of alcohol but alcohol dilates the blood vessels. That gives a warm feeling, but that’s why you lose heat. Would you absolutely want to order a hot chocolate milk with rum? Throw it in your wetsuit so that you’ll get warm…

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