You’ve may seen a movie of him already: Dan Knight a.k.a. ‘The Kite Launchers’. Kite launchers are there to launch the kites from the kite surfers. Because we would like to have more of these well-meaning types and it has been proven a lot of times that launching a kite isn’t that easy, we have placed a job vacancy for kite launchers.

Job description kite launchers:

In your role as a kite launcher you are incredibly important and valuable in the kitesurfing scene. Your presence is appreciated by all your colleagues (kite surfers).

In this role you work independently on satisfying kite surfers. You check the beach on kites that are ready and optimize the kite-session-duration of kite surfers by switching quickly between kites. You are someone who likes to efface himself for others and doesn’t want to go into the water himself. The role is suitable for an expert who likes to work together in cross-functional teams. Your team consists of several kitesurfing types and disciplines, from releasing a foil kite to C-kite, this world has no secrets for you.

Your working days and times are depending on the wind. You have no problem with not being able to plan anything in your private live. In exchange you get your own spot where you can be thé man/girl!

Tasks & responsibilities:

You’re tasks & responsibilities are clear and consist of…
– LAUNCHING kites (niet letting them down!)
– Monitoring the beach if someone wants to start

Job requirements:

Your are…
– Social: You enjoy it when others are having fun.
– Proactive: You see it when someone is ready to go and you are there in a second.
– Enthusiastic: #sharethestoke
– Flexible: Since you can’t kite on every spot with every wind direction, you are prepared to be placed on another spot depending on the wind direction.
– Stress resistant: On a beautiful summer weekend day with 20-25 knots it can be very busy on a spot … This is no problem for you.

You can…
– Switch fast: Launched a kite? Then you should be able to look around quickly to see who is next. Kite surfers don’t like it when they are held up and precious time goes off from their session.
– Anticipate: You recognize the level of kite surfers and anticipate on this. A beginner who wants to go into the cold water? Of course you walk along in the water.
– Think out-of-the-box: Is there almost no space on the spot to launch the kite, you always have a solution for that.

You have…
– A hands-on mentality: You have a real ‘hands-on’ mentality. You pick up those kites and launch them.
– No 9-to-5 mentality: Your working hours depend on the wind.
– Affinity with kites: But you don’t want to kite ‘surf ‘.
– + 3 years of relevant work experience: You used to kite a lot as a little kid.

What your day looks like:

Minimal requirements:

– Excellent control of kitesurf hand gestures
– Enterprising ability
– Available immediately and always
– Knowledge of the wind window is a plus
– Used to work with large and small kites
– In possession of driver’s license and car

What we offer you:

You do this because you want to support the kitesurf scene and you will receive many thanks for the work you do. Appreciation is your reward and this is priceless. If a kite surfer doesn’t thank you, you can speak to him / her about this bad habit.


Send your CV + motivation to info[@] with the subject ‘application kite launcher’.
Acquisition for this vacancy is not appreciated.

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