Kitesurfing is not a cheap sport and therefore often a reason not to start, for a new kite with bar you are quickly 1.500, – to 2.000, – euro further and then you are not there yet. But did you know that kitesurfing brings a lot of free benefits / side effects? If you look at it from that side, it is more than worth the investment! 

10 free benefits / side effects of kitesurfing

  1. A nice tan throughout the year

You spend a lot of time on the water (and the beach). And the water and beach reflect UV rays… Therefore you’ll get a tan faster than, for example, in a park. Even if it is cloudy, it will still go fast when you’re on the water. Please note that you always apply sunscreen for your session. You’ll have a healthy and nice tan on your hands and face all year round.


  1. Improves your concentration, coordination and balance

Imagine where you have to focus on while kitesurfing… When you walk into the water you have the kite in the air with one hand and your board under your other arm. While sailing, you must be able to fully feel where your kite is while you spot the next wave. You have to focus on so many things at once that you will notice that it will improve your concentration and coordination. Besides that you stand on a board, where balance is extremely important.

  1. Full body workout

A full body workout without noticing it? Go kitesurfing! With kitesurfing you use a lot of muscles, from your stomach muscles when doing jumps and other tricks to your arms when steering the kite. As a bonus you also get a pair of muscular legs.

Do you want to make rapid progress and are you about to do your first unhooked tricks? Then extra training is an absolute must.

  1. Free hair coloring / highlights

No hairdresser can color your hair as naturally as the sun. Count on sun-bleached, and sometimes even curly, hair through the salt water and the sun.

Kitesurfen Texel
Beach hair, don’t care!
  1. Better resistance

You don’t have to call in sick anymore because you are really sick, but because the wind is blowing … Kitesurfing is a boost for your resistance. Cold water increases your white blood cells. In addition, you stimulate the production of endorphins through kitesurfing and you lower your stress level, which benefits your immune system.

Add to that, especially as a beginner, the necessary free saltwater nasal sprays and nothing can happen anymore!

  1. New experiences and sensational feelings

During kitesurfing you experience many new feelings, think of the feeling of flying during your jumps. Every time you want to go a step further to experience that sensational feeling again.

  1. You’ll become a creative person

Kitesurfing is addictive, so if there’s no wind for a while you will look for alternatives to experience that sensational feeling again. Is there no wind? Then you just arrange a horse and go horseboarding? Is everything frozen, but is there wind? Tie your skates and go ice kiting. Is there snow and is the wind blowing? Then you exchange your kiteboard for your snowboard and you go snowkiting.

Problem solved!

Picture by: Inez Vree
  1. Healthy addiction

Kitesurfing is an addiction for many people, but a healthy one! You want to get up early to go to the water every weekend so you will leave the drinks in the bar with ease. And while your friends sit on the couch on a windy (and rainy) day with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix, you throw your kites in the car and are on your way to the beach.

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  1. New (travel) destinations

Jij komt op plekken waar je anders nooit was gekomen. De mooiste kitespots bevinden zich vaak op plekken waar ‘normale’ vakantiegangers niet komen. Ze liggen afgelegen en zijn bijvoorbeeld niet omringt met luxe all inclusive resorts. Denk aan de populaire kitesurfbestemming Dakhla. Dakhla ligt middenin de westerlijke sahara in Marokko. Je ziet er, behalve locals, enkel (kite)surfers.

You visit places where you otherwise would never have come. The most beautiful kite spots are often located in places where ‘normal’ holidaymakers do not go to. They are remote and are for example not surrounded by luxury all inclusive resorts. Think of the popular kitesurfing destination Dakhla. Dakhla is located in the middle of the Western Sahara in Morocco. You only see (kite)surfers and locals.

  1. You’ll become happier (flow)

Onderzoek toont aan dat je van kitesurfen gelukkiger wordt. Mensen zijn het gelukkigst als zij in een staat verkeren waarin ze helemaal opgaan in de activiteit waarmee ze bezig zijn. Elke kitesurfer zal dit herkennen en kunnen beamen. Natuurlijk word je niet van elke sessie even gelukkig. We kennen allemaal de sessies waarin de omstandigheden niet ideaal zijn of het gewoon allemaal even niet lukt.

Het zijn die lekkere sessies waarin alles goed gaat die ervoor zorgen dat je in een ‘flow’ komt. Flow brengt een gevoel van geluk, voldoening en ontspanning met zich mee.

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Research shows that you become happier from kitesurfing. People are happiest when they are in a state where they are completely absorbed in the activity with which they are engaged. Each kitesurfer will recognize this and be able to confirm this. Of course you will not be happy after every session. We all know the sessions in which the circumstances are not ideal or it just doesn’t work out for you.

It’s those nice sessions in which everything goes well that ensures that you get into a ‘flow’. The flow gives you a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and relaxation.

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