In November the days are getting shorter and the temperature drops. Not looking forward to the dark days and cold kitesurf sessions? Quickly book a kitesurfing holiday to a sunny and warm destination! This way you can go into the winter full of fresh energy and with a lovely tan! Where does the wind blow in November? You can read that in this article.

10 destinations for a kitesurfing holiday in November

1. Cumbuco (Brazil)

Northern Brazil is a mecca for kitesurfers with spots such as Paracuru, Cumbuco, Taiba and Jericoacoara. The wind blows almost every day, it’s warm and you will find conditions for every level. Was Cumbuco not on your bucket list yet? Add it quickly. It is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world. A wide beach and, depending on the tide, flat to choppy water.

Wind season Cumbuco: The best months are August to December. The wind then blows almost daily.

2. Madagascar

Madagascar may not be the first destination that comes to mind, but once you’ve looked it up, it won’t go out of your mind. Nature, wildlife and kitesurfing… Madagascar has something special! The island has several spots but Babaomby is one of the best known. The spot is in the top 10 windiest places on earth. You will find a large lagoon with shallow and clear water. It is only possible that you come face to face with manta rays and sea turtles.

Wind season Madagascar: You will find the best wind here from April to November.

3. Leucate (France)

The real wind season runs in Leucate until October, but because on average there are 300+ days per year with at least 4bft and it is usually warmer there than in the Netherlands, it is still in this November list. Leucate is located on the Côte d’Azur and is one of the most famous kitesurfing destinations in France. The wind is often harder than the forecast and can pull up to 50 knots from scratch. It is therefore a destination for dare-devils, as a beginner you have to make sure that you leave the water immediately if you do not trust it.

Leucate wind season: In Leucate there are at least 300+ days a year with at least 4bft. Look for current forecasts on Windfinder Leucate.

4. Sal (Cape Verde)

The season on Sal starts mid-October. Cape Verde is best known for the classic wave spots that can be found there, but for beginners there are also flat water spots. The most famous spot on Sal is Kite Beach and is about 15 minutes from Santa Maria. The spot is suitable for beginners and advanced and it is between 24 and 29 degrees.

Wind season Sal: From October to June you have the best chance of wind. On average, the wind blows around 16 knots.


5. Mui Ne (Vietnam)

You can take it easy and find a spot close by but you can also get on a plane to Vietnam… Mui Ne is now a well-known place for surfers and kitesurfers. Nowadays it is also called the kitesurf mecca of Asia. You will find stable and good wind and warm weather here and it is very affordable.

Wind season Mui Ne: The best months for a kite surfing holiday to Mui Ne are November to March.

6. La Ventana (Mexico)

La Ventana is also called the Tarifa or Cabarete of Mexico. It is a small Mexican fishing village with a large bay. The village is surrounded by cacti, desert, sandy beaches and turquoise water. You will find choppy water and, if the wind is stronger, small waves. Although it’s not flat and shallow, it is certainly a spot for beginners. It is not too busy and you always have enough space, the wind is very stable and the schools have jet skis to help you.

Wind season La Ventana: The wind blows steady here from mid October to March.

7. Cape Town (South Africa)

A destination that will appear more often in this list in the coming months and a destination that belongs on the bucket list of every kitesurfer. It is thé place to be in winter, this is where it all happens and where the pros are present in large numbers. Cape Town itself is more suitable for the advanced kitesurfer with a lot of wind and high waves. It is not without reason that Red Bull King of the Air is organized here every year.

Cape Town wind season: The season starts slowly around October and runs until March.

8. Eilat (Israel)

Israel is increasingly gaining fame as a kitesurf destination. One of the best known spots for kitesurfing is Eilat, located on the Red Sea. Eilat is comparable to Egypt in terms of conditions, with the best wind blowing all year round from May to November. The wind often comes from the desert and the water is therefore very flat.

Wind season Eilat: In Eilat you have a chance of good wind all year round, but most certainly you are from May to November.


9. North Carolina (America)

Outer Banks (Cape Hatteras) is thé spot of the east coast of America and must be counted among the top kitesurfing destinations in the world. You will find several spots here and you can enjoy the waves of the Atlantic Ocean or the flat water between the peninsula and mainland. Most of the year it blows for around 20 days per month.

Wind season North Carolina: The wind season here is long and kitesurfing is possible here all year round. The best months are from April to November.

10. Chile (South America)

The most famous spot is Pupuya, located about 2.5 hours from Santiago. You will find a flat and protected lagoon, ideal for beginners. Roca Cuadrada is about 15 minutes away with waves of up to 5 meters. A destination where everyone can get their money’s worth. The wind usually blows side-onshore and with a water temperature of approximately 16 – 18 degrees a wetsuit is recommended.

Chile wind season: You have the best chance of wind here between October and April. The best months are November to March.

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