Want to go on a kitesurfing holiday in October? You can make it as crazy as you want. For example, go for an autumn storm session in the Netherlands or Germany, or find the sun and warmth in Brazil or Australia. In October you have plenty of choice and diversity in terms of kitesurfing destinations and we have listed 10 for you!

10 destinations for a kitesurfing holiday in October

1. Prea & Jeri (Brazil)

Prea and Jeri (Jericoacoara) are perhaps a little less known than Cumbuco but certainly not less worth it! Prea was originally a small fishing village but has grown to become one of the best places for kitesurfing. If you prefer something more isolated, go to Jeri. No endless traffic chaos but streets of sand and beaches that are so bright that it almost hurts your eyes. You can also do downwinders from Prea to Jeri.

Wind season Prea & Jeri: The season here runs from July to February and is therefore the perfect destination to escape the winter in Europe.

2. Tarifa (Spain)

Do you want to get away for a week in the autumn holiday? Do not want to travel too much (if you live in Europe) but still have pleasant temperatures? Then go to Tarifa, thé kitesurfing mecca of Europe. The wind in Tarifa blows around 300+ days a year and the temperature is around 20 degrees in October. Tarifa owes its good conditions to, among other things, the strong Levante wind.

Wind season Tarifa: The best months are February to October. As it can be very busy in the summer months, it is advisable to go in the spring or autumn.

Kitesurfing Tarifa

3. Texel (The Netherlands)

Do you like some action and extreme weather? The Netherlands is known in the fall for its fall storms and if the wind blows well somewhere in the Netherlands, then it is on the island Texel! An additional advantage is that Texel does not have to be expensive at all. For example, rent an apartment or cottage through Airbnb and you’re done.

Texel wind season: In terms of wind, Texel is best from August to February. It can be pretty cold in the winter though.

4. Sardinia (Italy)

Sardinia has two famous spots with different kitesurfing conditions for all levels. At Solinas you will find shallow water (knee height) making it a nice spot for both beginners and advanced who want to work on their tricks. The other spot is Porto Pino, because of the waves this is a nice place for wave kiters. Enjoy delicious Italian wines and pizza after your session!

Wind season Sardinia: The wind season in Sardinia runs from April to June and from September to mid-October.

5. Wissant (France)

In Wissant you need to be lucky in terms of wind. If the wind blows in Wissant in the fall, your sessions can range from a easy 15 knots to 30+ knots storm sessions. An advantage if you are living in the Netherlands, Belgium or France: you can easily get there by car! Put a tent in the back of the car or book an accommodation through Airbnb and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. A great destination for a long weekend away.

Wind season Wissant: You have the best chance of wind from early October to mid-March. The day with the most wind is usually January 1, the destination for a New Year’s session!


6. Sydney (Australia)

With Australia you probably think of wave surfing but the country also has several beautiful kitesurfing spots! From Brighton to Long Reef and Palm Beach, most of the spots in Sydney are located south of the city center in Botany Bay. From flat water to wavespots, Syndey has it all. Add to that the fact that the sun shines almost all year round and it usually doesn’t get much colder than 16 degrees and you have a perfect kite surfing destination.

Sydney wind season: The best time to go to Sydney is from October to March with October to December as the best months.

7. Miami – Florida (America)

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is a popular winter destination for (kite) surfers around the world. Just like Sydney, Miami – Florida may be more about surfing, but it is a wonderful destination for kitesurfers. Of course we all know Miami from the beautiful beaches. Not all of these beaches are suitable for sunbathing but have enough space to launch your kite. Unfortunately there are strict rules when it comes to kitesurfing. The two largest spots are Crandon Park and Matheson Hammock Park.

Miami – Florida wind season: Annual temperatures are between 23 and 25 degrees and the water is pleasantly warm all year round. In terms of wind, it’s best to go to Miami – Florida from October to May.

8. Watergate Bay – Cornwall (England)

When you are in Cornwall you can hardly imagine that you are still in England. Cornwall is a tropical part of England where you can even find palm trees and other (sub) tropical plants. It is therefore well known by tourists from all over the world. The small villages are hidden between the cliffs and some have a real surf hippie vibe. Cornwall is known for its huge waves and is therefore very popular with wave surfers, yet the kite surfing scene is also growing rapidly. Immerse yourself in the tide and the spot, the beach can disappear completely at high tide.

Cornwall wind season: Cornwall has colder winters and warmer summers than other places in England. It is the place with the most wind and the best time to go here is autumn.


9. Fehmarn (Germany)

A destination with 2,200 hours of sunshine per year, a coast of 78 kilometers long, wild and steep coastal landscapes and all that in Germany! Fehmarn is the third largest German island in the Baltic Sea. Since it is an island you can go with multiple wind directions and you will find both flat water and wavespots. Grab the camper or rent a hotel and head quickly towards Fehmarn.

Wind season Fehmarn: The best and most popular period to go to Fehmarn is from April to October. With September and October as the best months.

10. Kos (Greece)

Kos is known for the northern Meltemi wind, this wind is created by the pressure difference between the Balkans and Turkey. One of the most famous spots on Kos is Psalidi beach. This is because, due to the direction, the wind is often the most consistent here. The water is fairly flat and not as choppy as other spots. The day normally starts with a light breeze, falls away a little around lunch and in the afternoon returns to sunset.

Wind season Kos: You will find the best wind from April to October.

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