September is a good month to go to / stay in Europe if you look at the wind statistics. Most of the destinations that are famous of thermal wind also have this in September cause the temperatures are still quite high. With Autumn around the corner there are also other spots where the season is about to start. In this article we give you suggestions for a kitesurfing holiday in September.

10 destinations for a kitesurfing holiday in September

1. Texel (The Netherlands)

Ever heard of Texel? It’s one of the 5 islands in the northern part of the Netherlands. The changes of wind in September are around 76% which is quite high. And you know what? If you live closeby it doesn’t even has to be expensive. There are lots of nice campsites on the island where you can sleep for a few euro per night. The most known kite spots on the island are Paal 17, Paal 9 and Dijkmanshuizen.

Windseason Texel: In terms of wind, it’s best to go to Texel from August to February. In the spring and the beginning of the summer, the chance of wind is slightly smaller but still more than 50%.

2. Hvide Sande (Denmark)

Denmark is probably not the first country that pops into your head if you are talking about kitesurfing destinations. Denmark is, just like the Netherlands, surrounded by water. Hvide Sande is the most beautiful spot, you have the opportunity here to kite both on the inner lake (Ringkobing Fjord) and on the sea. Perfect for both beginners and advanced and for most wind directions. Rent a camper, throw in all your gear and go on a road trip to Denmark!

Windseason Hvide Sande: The best months in terms of wind are September to March, but given the winter temperatures, we recommend September and October. Check the actual forecasts Windfinder Hvide Sande.

hvide sande

3. El Gouna (Egypt)

It is often windy in El Gouna but the month with the best papers is September! El Gouna actually has everything your kitesurf heart desires. Flat and warm water and a good outside air temperature. There is a real kitesurf vibe on the spots and after a day on the water you can relax in one of the many luxury hotels. You will find the nicest spot at Element Watersports where you are shallow up to 1.5 kilometers from the coast.

Windseason El Gouna: The high season is from May to September with September as thé best month. Check the actual forecast Windfinder El Gouna.

4. Brandon Bay (Ireland)

The west coast of Ireland is impressive, not only in nature but also in terms of waves. You also have the best chance of wind (and sun) on the west coast. One of the most beautiful and famous spots in Ireland is Brandon Bay. You will find a large round bay with around 8 spots here. The waves can rise to over 6 meters here, so be sure to bring a waveboard. In addition to wavespots, you will also find various beginner spots. Brandon Bay is a 3-hour drive from Dublin.

Windseason Brandon Bay: You will find the best wind here from March to June and September to December. Check the actual forecast Windfinder Brandon Bay.

5. St. Peter Ording (Germany)

One of the most popular spots in Germany is St. Peter Ording. There are several kitesurfing competitions every year and that is of course not without reason. St. Peter Ording is located on a peninsula and has several kitespots, from flat water to waves. The beach is approximately 12 kilometers long and therefore has plenty of space! It is usually cool there and the water does not heat up quickly. A wetsuit is therefore recommended!

Windseason St. Peter Ording:The best time to go to St. Peter Ording is from the end of March to the beginning of June or from the beginning of September to November.

St. Peter Ording

6. Flag Beach (Fuerteventura)

The Canary Islands are around 4 hours’ flight from Amsterdam with pleasant temperatures all year round. Fuerteventura is the windiest island. The wind blows fairly constantly here in the summer, making Fuerteventura one of the most wind-safe destinations in Europe. The most famous spot is in the North: Flag Beach.

Windseason Fuerteventura: The wind season of Fuerteventura runs from May to September.

7. Maui (Hawaii / USA)

Maui is one of the islands of Hawaii and also known as surf mecca. It is home to many surf brands and pioneers of the sport. At Maui and Hawaii you might think of wave surfing, but the conditions are also ideal for kite surfers. In addition to the fantastic waves that the island offers, there is also a laguna with flat water. Definitely one for your bucket list!

Windseason Maui: You will find the best wind in the months of April to November. Peak months: June to September.


8. Tarifa (Spain)

Not the surf mecca of the world like Maui but the kitesurf mecca of Europe: Tarifa. Tarifa is also called the kitesurfing capital of Europe. The wind blows around 300+ days a year, add the 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and you have an ideal kite surfing destination close to home. Tarifa owes its good conditions to, among other things, the strong Levante wind.

Windseason Tarifa: The best months are February to October with the highlight being July and August (in these months it can also be very crowded).

9. Dakhla (Morocco)

In the article with best kitesurfing destinations in August, I already wrote that Dakhla actually belongs to this list from May to September, so there he is again! The village of Dakhla is located in the middle of Western Sahara in Morocco. You will find a village, water and sand. Get away from it all and just focus on kitesurfing. Dakhla has both flat water and good wave spots.

Windseason Dakhla: You can find the best wind here from May to September but with its 300+ wind days per year, Dakhla is always a good idea.

10. Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka)

At Kalpitiya you will find the most famous kite spot in Sri Lanka. The spot consists of a large lagoon of around 800 meters wide and 2.5 kilometers long. The lagoon is separated from the Indian Ocean by a sandbank and is therefore a perfect destination for both beginners and advanced students. Kalpitiya is known for its constant and good wind. Do not expect much luxury here because you are going pretty back to basic.

Windseason Kalpitiya: Sri Lanka has two wind seasons, from May to October and from December to March.

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