Flat water, affordable, sunny, windy… Dakhla has it all! Dakhla, a small village in the middle of the Western Sahara of Morocco is, with it’s 300+ windy days a year, a paradise for kitesurfers. 

Why Dakhla is a bucketlist destination

A destination which was high on my bucketlist since I started kitesurfing. Ask a kitesurfer where you definitely have to go and destinations like Cape Town, Dakhla and Brazil will pop up a lot.

Always good weather

With average temperatures between 20 and 28 degrees, the weather in Dakhla is nice all year round. Besides that there’s wind on a daily basis. The wind usually from the northeast and is thermal. The warmer it is, the stronger the wind. Because of that it can get quite chilly in the evening. Make sure you’ll bring a warm sweater.

Super flat lagoon

Dakhla is famous because of it’s super flat lagoon, surrounded by the desert dunes. Depending on the tide (ebb and flow) you’ll have a large shallow area which makes this spot also ideal for beginners. Would you rather like to ride waves? There’s a wavespot nearby! Dakhla


All the accommodations offer various downwinders for the more advanced kitesurfers. A downwinder to the white dune is a must do. Unfortunately during our trip this downwinder was planned on a no-wind-day so I definitely have to get back one day. Another option is to do a downwinder to Dragon Island, which is slightly less far than the White Dune.

No wind days

Still the bad luck that there is no wind? Then you can often enjoy other watersports activities such as wakeboarding and wave surfing. These activities are offered by the various accommodations.Golfsurfen Dakhla


There are several hotels (camps) around the lagoon. We stayed in Dakhla Spirit. A small camp with a few bungalows and tents. Because of the small scale of the camp you quickly get in touch with other guests. Dinner together at long tables in the restaurant and afterwards to the bar for a drink at the campfire.

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