There is plenty to read about how beautiful / addictive kitesurfing is and why you should do it, but not about why you actually shouldn’t do it. Because of the passion for the sport, we often forget what you have to sacrifice for it, or just have to accept…

For this article I asked several co-kiters for input. What do they think are the negative (or less fun) sides of kitesurfing? The side that remains unexposed in every article.

10 reasons why you shouldn’t go kitesurfing 

  1. Sand, sand and even more sand 

Sand in your eyes, sand between your booty, sand in all your shoes, sand in your car, sand in your bathroom (again a blocked shower), sand in your bed, sand in your entire house, sand EVERYWHERE …

Wetsuits overal
Stuff everywhere
  1. Bad humor

You are not enjoyable if it does not blow for a while. Or if it does blow, but you have to go to that birthday. You do not have to expect cosiness from you at that moment. All the time you stare outside where you see the treetops going back and forth. Can I already leave?

And then you are finally away from that birthday, drive all the way to that one spot on the other side of the country because it is the best with this wind direction and you find out that you have forgotten your harness.

  1. Say goodbye to your friendships

In the winter you are busy gluing all your non-kite friendships because you have canceled appointments with them from spring to autumn. If they want to see you anyway, since you’re only talking about one thing …

  1. Relationship problems

Have you finally convinced your partner to go on holiday to that windy destination because there is really enough to do for him/her as well, there’s no wind the entire holiday. Entire holiday messed up!

Whether you come home after a super nice kitesession, your partner complains that you haven’t done the groceries and that the food isn’t ready yet. While you are still completely in that flow…

  1. Cold and windy

Kitesurfing  in the Netherlands is often done on days when someone else prefers to stay at home, on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket and a good Netflix series. You have to change clothes behind your car on a cold and windy parking lot … Everything muddy because it was raining again.

Kitesurfing winter
Brrrr… Picture by: Inez Vree
  1. Even more relationship problems

If you then also have children you’re screwed… In the evening your child thinks it’s a good idea to take a nice bath, while you already turned the bathroom into a kite-sand-storage and drying room. Not to mention the quarrels you’ve already had because you see the kids too little.

A divorce lies around the corner.

  1. Wetsuit print on your skin

It is cloudy, so you don’t have to put on sunscreen … well, that’s what you thought. Next day you have to show up at work with a nose as red as a tomato, the print of crow’s feet by your eyes and the print of your wetsuit on your body (read: brown hands and face).

Wetsuit print

  1. Hysterical when the wind blows

The wind is blowing! Look! Check the trees! You are no longer approachable…

Meanwhile, you have at least 6 wind apps on your mobile that eat all your data and all give a different prediction. You go for the best prediction, get in the car and check every 5 minutes if the wind is already harder and hopefully didn’t drop.

  1. Only on holiday to wind-sure destinations

You no longer look at where it’s beautiful but where the wind is blowing, otherwise it is a no go anyway. City trips? They are past tense. After all, in the city you can not do any kitesurfing and it is really a waste of your money and days off. From that money you can also go on kitesurfing holiday, it doesn’t have to be so expensive, the flight and an accommodation may be basic.

Have you finally found those cheap tickets, do you have to pay another 100 euros to take all your gear with you …

Kitesurfing El Gouna
El Gouna
  1. You become a terrible person

We can be short about it … you become a terrible person for your environment.
Do you understand why suddenly all your friends are kitesurfers?

Just think again if you want this.

Still convinced?

Does it still sound like music in the ears to you? Then we have some tips here about where to start.

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