There are thousands of kitesurf destinations in the world, and with a sport that is growing, new spots are constantly being added. If you ask someone what his / her favorite spot is, you will probably get many different answers. One prefers flat water, the other prefers for waves, etc. We are curious about what you think is the “best” kitesurf destination in the world. This is not just about the spot, but the total picture… From accommodations to a good nightlife and enough no wind activities.

If your favorite is not yet listed, you can add it via “others”. Add the destination as follows: Spot or Destination + (Country).

Poll: Best kitesurf destination in the world (2019)

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What's your favorite kitesurf destination?

You can vote untill the end of the year. Beginning of 2020 we will publish the results.


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