An endless large lagoon, warm temperatures throughout the year, constant wind and all that in the middle of the desert. Dakhla has something magical for kitesurfers!

Dakhla is located on a peninsula in the Moroccan Sahara, on one side you’ll find a lagoon with super flat water and on the other hand a number of beautiful wave spots.

Facts & figures about Dakhla

  • Best wind: April till September
    From May till August there’s a chance of wind of more than 90%, but also in April and September there’s a good chance of wind (more than 80%).
  • Best waves: October till March
    If you want to go to the wave spot Oum Lamboiur, it’s better to go in October. If you just wanna ride some waves then everything between October and March is usually good.
  • Watertemperature
    A long wetstuit through the year is recommended. In the summer months you can also wear a shorty in daytime. When the sun goes down though, you might want to wear a long wetsuit. Since Dakhla is located in the desert it’s very hot during daytime but can cool down quickly in the evening.
  • Required level
    Dakhla is a paradise for both, beginner and advanced.
  • Water conditions
    Flat water in the lagoon and a wave spot on a 30 minutes drive.






The kitesurf spots

Dakhla lagoon

The lagoon is the main spot of Dakhla and because of its flat water and constant wind, one of the better kitesurf spots to learn kitesurfing or work on your skills / tricks. A bit further on the water it can be somewhat choppy and gusty but in general the conditions are still good. The lagoon is a total of 45km long.

Speed spot

On the other side of the lagoon you’ll find the speed spot. A smaller spot with offshore wind. With low tide it is so incredibly flat here that it is a paradise for freestylers. Absolutely no beginner’s spot since the wind is off-shore. You can choose to ride there but keep in mind that you have to ride back upwind quite a bit.

White Dune

When you watch videos about kitesurfing in Dakhla, you will certainly encounter a few where you see people jumping from this dune. It’s best to go there with high tide, then the whole dune is surrounded by water. You can choose to do a downwinder to the white dune and get picked up again there.

Wave spot

Although it is the flat water of the lagoon that makes Dakhla so popular, there are also several beautiful surf spots along the coast of the peninsula. Oum Lamboiur is thé spot of Dakhla if you want to ride waves with your kite (or just want to go surfing). This spot is known for both good wind and waves.


During your stay in Dakhla you can choose different downwinders that start from the lagoon, for example to the White Dune the Oyster farm or even to Dakhla town.

The lagoon of Dakhla


You can fly withRoyal Air Maroc from Amsterdam or Brussels to Dakhla with a short transfer in Casablanca. If you fly from Amsterdam you have little time to transfer to Casablanca, so try to get off the plane quickly. You have a little more time via Brussels. Kitesurfing baggage (max 23kg) is, in addition to your normal luggage, free of charge.


Several accommodations are located along the lagoon. The most famous areDakhla Attitude, Dakhla Spirit and Ocean Vagabond.

If there’s no wind..

Even in Dakhla, where the wind usually blows more than 300 days a year, it can happen that there’s a day without wind. Even then there is still plenty to do to amuse yourself for a day.

Alternative activities:

    • Wakeboarding
    • SUP
    • Surfing
    • Eat at the Oyster farm (recommended)
    • Visit Dakhla town
    • Beach walk with low tide

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