Kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. That is not surprising because we have a lot of water in and around the Netherlands and therefore also many beautiful kitesurf locations / spots. In addition, the Netherlands is well represented in the world top, with big names such as Kevin Langeree, Ruben Lenten and Youri Zoon.

It is hard to say what the most beautiful or best kitesurfing locations / spots in the Netherlands are since every kitesurfer has it’s own favorite spot. Do you for example want shallow water or waves? Are you only there for kitesurfing or is it also important that you can have a drink/bite there? I can at least tell you the spots where I prefer to go.

5 of my favorite kitesurfing locations in the Netherlands:

5. Texel

Closeby but still want to have the feeling that you are completely gone? Then go to Texel! Paal 17 is the famous kitespot of Texel, located on the North Sea side.

Close but still want to feel that you are completely gone? Then go to Texel! Paal 17 is the famous kitespot of Texel, located on the North Sea side. A beautiful and wide spot where, if the wind is blowing, beautiful high waves can roll into the beach. Beginners can better wait for high tide, then there are very nice flat parts (this is because of the sandbanks). The wind on Texel is often stronger than the rest of the Netherlands.

Note: the breakwaters are exposed at low tide. The space between the breakwaters is limited so pay attention. The breakwaters are marked with poles on the beach.

Kitesurfen Texel

4. Strand Horst (Beach Horst)

Typically the kind of spot that you hate or love. Strand Horst is one of the larger flat water spots in the Netherlands, located on the Wolderwijd. The spot is shallow and you can stand a few hundred meters from the beach. Since there are quite a lot of buildings in the area, the wind can be very gusty. Therefore, make sure that you only go to Strand Horst if there is North in the wind direction. The spot is, due to the shallow and flat water, a perfect spot for beginners. It can therefore be very busy, especially in the weekends and summer months.

Tip: Neem op een mooie zomeravond een bbq en je kitespullen mee. De wind wil op warme dagen ‘s avonds nog wel eens aantrekken en dan ontstaan de mooiste sessies op deze spot. Daarom ook in mijn top 5.

Tip: Bring a bbq and your kite gear on a nice summer evening. The wind can suddenly go on in the evening on warm days and then you’ll have the most beautiful sessions on this spot. Therefore also in my top 5.

Kitesurfen Strand Horst

3. Wijk aan Zee (Noordpier)

A good kitespot with a wide beach. The most beautiful conditions can be found here with southwest wind. Because of the North Pier you have here, with this wind direction, almost no current and the waves are very clean. With other wind direction the waves can be a mess here (not easy to ride).

It is, like most North Sea spots, not a real beginner’s spot. With SW-wind, beginners who want to learn to ride at sea can make an attempt. This is due to the current that is partly blocked by the pier.

The spot has a real surfing atmosphere, partly due to the presence of the many surfers and fun beach bars like Aloha and Timboektoe. It can be very busy on the spot during the weekends and summer months.

Kitesurfen Wijk aan Zee

2. Mirns

If you ask me, Mirns is the most beautiful flat water spot in the Netherlands. The flat and shallow water makes it a perfect kitespot for beginners and advanced kiters who want to practice their tricks. You can stand over 500 meters from the side. The space on the land is very limited. Pay attention therefore when you launch your kite.

The big downside of this spot is the crowds. Because the spot is so beautiful and also very popular with our Eastern neighbors, it is very busy here in the weekends and summer months. Better avoid Mirns in this period and go there in autumn or winter.

Kitesurfen Mirns

Number 1: IJmuiderslag

Mijn absolute nummer 1. Het waait in IJmuiden doorgaans harder dan in de rest van Nederland (met uitzondering van de eilanden). Daarnaast is de spot erg groot en is het er vaak rustig, je hebt dus altijd alle ruimte. Voor een Noordzee-spot blijft het water relatief lang ondiep en ligt het in een kom waardoor er vaak een gedeelte ontstaat met weinig golven. Met hoogwater tref je hier een heel mooi stuk vlakwater aan! Niet doorvertellen hè…

My absolute number 1. The wind is often stronger in IJmuiden than on other spots (excluding the islands). In addition, the spot is very large and it is often quiet, so you always have plenty of space. For a North Sea location, the water remains shallow for a relatively long time. With high tide you will find a very nice piece of flat water here! Do not tell anyone …

Kitesurfen Ijmuiderslag

After your session you can enjoy a snack / drink at Beach Inn. A cozy restaurant with a very good kitchen. If you ask me, this one of the best North Sea kitespots in the Netherlands!

Want to get kitesurfing lessons? Kitesurfing school Apex Adventures is located at IJmuiderslag.

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