You may already know that kitesurfing has many benefits. Have you noticed that these benefits are nearly always mental and physical? And that kitesurfing is very good for you as a “person”?

Those who spend a lot of their time kitesurfing don’t need an article that tells them the benefits of kitesurfing. For those who are thinking of starting with kitesurfing, this may be an additional motivation to finally book those first lessons. In this article we highlight the top 10 mental and physical benefits of kitesurfing.

The top 10 mental & physical benefits of kitesurfing

1. Stress relieve (mental)

On the water you are one with nature and your kite. No time to worry about other things. No obligations or problems that are chasing you. Just enjoying the silence and nature, having fun and focussing on your kite. That’s what it’s all about.

2. Spend more time in nature (mental & physical)

Multiple studies confirm that being ‘outside’ is good for your mental health. What you hear, experience and see in your physical environment will have a positive influence on your mood. Besides that it makes your immune system stronger.

3. Kitesurfing keeps you fit (physical)

Kitesurfing is a full body workout! You will put your core, arms and legs to the test. Do you hate the gym? A few kitesurf sessions per week and you are fitter than ever without having the idea that you have done a real “workout”. You mainly had fun! Go practice a lot with jumping in your session. I am sure you will feel your abs the next day.

4. New friendships with like-minded people (mental)

There is no doubt that kitesurfing is a ‘special’ sport. Have you ever noticed that people these days hardly ever greet each other? And that kitesurfers are always willing to have a chat at the beach? If only to gather information about the wind.  Social connections and simple chit chats are crucial for people’s health and (mental) well-being.

5. Mindfulness training (mental & physical)

When you are out on the water it is very important that you stay in the moment and that you are aware of your surrounding. It’s all about the focus… Focus on your posture, your kite, your hands on your bar, your board and your environment. There is no time for anything else… Only you and your kite floating through the air. You are completely absorbed in the moment.

This form of consciousness has proven health benefits. It is said that people who are more mindful in life feel less pain than others. In addition, it reduces feelings of anxiety and helps to deal with emotions in a different way and improve your memory.

6. Discover new destinations (mental & physical)

Just started kitesurfing? It won’t take long before you also want to visit other kitesurf destinations in the world. Kitesurfing inspires you to travel to destinations that you might not have gone to otherwise. Think for example of famous kitesurf destinations such as Egypt, Cape Town, Cape Verde, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

And we all know that traveling makes you happier, reduces stress and broadens your horizon. Another healthy benefit!

7. Stronger immune system (mental and physical)

Mindfulness and stress reduction automatically improve your immune system. Add to that being a lot outside and in nature and you have an immune system booster!

8. Improves your balance and concentration (mental & physical)

The more boardsports you do, the better you get at it. Kitesurfing improves your balance and coordination noticeably better than many other beard sports out there. Imagine yourself: you have to steer your kite, stay on your board (in the waves), navigate and keep an eye on your surroundings. And all without falling!

Mentale en fysieke voordelen kitesurfen

9. More self-confidence (mental)

You can’t deny that kitesurfing gives you an adrenaline rush. Every step and progress you make feels like a victory and gives you the feeling that if you can reach this, you can reach everything.

10. Helps you to set and reach goals (mental)

Kitesurfing is the kind of sport in which you challenge yourself and set higher goals. Whether the goal is to learn to jump higher or to make your first turns without falling, there is always something to go for. And the feeling when you’ve achieved another goal is priceless!

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