Are you spoiled during the holidays by friends / family with kitesurf-related presents? Probably the giver has searched on the Internet for ‘the best presents for kitesurfers’ and thinks he / she has done a good job. At first you are happy until you realize that the present is not as fun as you actually thought. On the internet you can find a lot of lists with gift tips and gadgets for kite surfers, but you never actually read about the other side of these presents. In this article we show you why these presents are not that fun at all.

The worst presents for a kitesurfer ever 

1. Woo (1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0)

Did you get a Woo as a present? With getting a Woo you can say goodbye to those nice sessions! If you think you have had a good session and jumped a new record, after reading out your Woo, it’s by far not as high as you thought. There goes that stoked feeling!

2. Surf poncho

Mmm… finally a warm poncho for after your session. Yes indeed, you have no excuse anymore in the winter to skip a session because of the cold.

3. Kitesurf map of the World

You see them more often, world maps with the most populair kitesurf spots on it. Now you have to face daily how many spots you still have to visit and how little you have actually seen.

4. GoPro

Secretly you always brag a bit about your kitesurf skills. Unfortunately, that comes to an end because now it is all on video, and you can count on it that you will be asked to show some of your footage.

5. Surf Bikini

Got a kitesurf bikini as a present? Well, you obviously won’t see much of the bikini if you are living in a colder place like Western Europe. So now you also have to book a holiday to a warm place in order to ‘show’ your bikini.

Egypte grab

6. Waterproof smartphone case

You have received a waterproof case so you can always call if there is an emergency. But your friend / girlfriend / mother (in law) / father can always reach you now as well… You probably haven’t thought about that yet?

7. Wind Speed Gauge

Do you recognize that? Those wonderful summer days where you initially hope that the wind attracts in the evening? You hang out all day on the beach with a hangover from the night before and are actually OK with it. Do you in the end have to go for a session because everyone can ‘see’ that the wind is strong enough.

8. GPS (sport)watch

You always tell your friends that you do sessions of 3 hours and ride about 100km in a session. Now everyone can see that you are only on the water for about 1.5 hours and afterwards you chill in a beach tent with a beer.

Are you still happy with your presents or do you have your doubts now?


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