Just came back from your kitesurfing holiday? It’s not strange that you miss certain things when you return from a vacation. In contrast to many holidaymakers, with kitesurfers it’s not the fact that you can lay around the swimming pool the whole day or go out to a club until 4 o’clock. No, kitesurfers have to deal with other ‘problems …’.

10 things you miss when you return from your kitesurfing holiday

1. The wind

Certainty that there’s wind you never have, but if you book a kitesurfing holiday you usually do that to a destination with a chance of a lot of wind in that period. Back home, it’s again waiting until mother nature is well-disposed and brings us beautiful days with wind. Get used to one session every two weeks.

2. Being active all day without the ‘must’ feeling

Work out all day without really noticing it. Ok, after a few days you feel your muscles, but it is different than when you have to go to the gym every night. Is there wind? Then you WANT the hit water and you MUST not do anything. Love it!

3. Bikini / boardshort sessions

Back from a nice warm kitesurf destination? You will have to get used again to get yourself in a full wetsuit. Unfortunately, the days in Western Europe where we can really enjoy riding in bikini / boardshort can be counted on one hand.

4. Being outside all day

In Western Europe we are, specially when it gets colder, quickly inclined to lock ourselves up at home for the TV. And that while we probably say to ourselves after every holiday that we really should do less …

5. Bare feet and flipflops

This of course applies not only when you return from a kitesurfing holiday but from all holidays to hot destinations. After two weeks of barefoot and flipflops, your shoes suddenly feel very oppressive.

6. Progression

Did you learn 3 new tricks in a week on vacation, back home it takes you a complete season. On a good kitesurfing holiday you learn about as much as in a whole season in (e.g.) the Netherlands. You literally make jumps on such a holiday. When you return home, your time and wind are limited.

Egypte raley

7. Going to bed early

A kitesurfing holiday is comparable to a ski holiday in that perspective. Evenings until deep into the night? Forget it! If you are on the water for a few hours every day, you will probably be knocked out after dinner. And you know what? Nobody cares!

8. Being able to see what is swimming underneath you

This of course depends on the destination but how nice is it that you can see through the water and see the bottom of the sea? Cruising over the coral and seeing the fishes swimming beneath you. You won’t get that when you’re riding on the North Sea.

9.Eat anything you want

Kitesurfing is a top sport! And since you’re on the water all day, you can eat whatever you want!

10. Talk about kiting all day long

Kiting, kiting, kiting. The whole day is about kitesurfing, because the chances are big that you are on holiday with other kite surfers. The rest doesn’t matter …

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