Decided to start kitesurfing? Cool! Probably you have already read what you can expect when you start with your lessons and what you are going to learn, but have you already been told how to prepare for the life of a kitesurfer? If you catch the kitesurfing virus, it has a big impact on your life(style). It is important to prepare well so that you will not be surprised after your classes.

Top 15 tips when you start kitesurfing (in preparation)

  • Don’t think: Oh, I can do this easily…
    Cause you don’t.
  • Drink a cup of water with a teaspoon of salt every day…
    So you can already get used to drinking salt water.
  • Put some sand in your bed before going to sleep…
    Eventually you will get used to it.
  • Start saving money…
    You want to go to Mauritius, Brazil, Cape Town and Bonaire.

Kitesurfen Mauritius

  • Get a good cream for your neck and arrange a masseur.
    You’ll gonna need it!
  • Have you already figured out what the costs are of a kitesurf set?
    You can count on some extra, because once you have 1 kite you want more.
  • Register yourself as a freelancer at the Chamber of Commerce and think about what you are good at.
    Eventually you wanna quit your job and travel the world.
  • Say goodbye to your current group of friends
    You will not understand each other anymore.
  • Say goodbye to your partner if he / she doesn’t want to learn kitesurfing.
    This is going to cause problems in your relationship anyway! #nobullshit
  • Get your storage room or extra bedroom empty.
    You will soon need that for all your gear…
  • Take a cold shower every day!
    You’ll benefit from it during sessions in the winter.
  • Do not brush your hair for a week.
    This is how you feel after a session on the North Sea (or other saltwater spot).

Kitesurfen Texel

  • Put on a good movie on Friday/Saturday evening instead of going to the pub.
    You want to be as fit as possible in the weekend… (you can’t imagine right now).
  • Put your chic car at a Marketplace.
    You want a chill Van later.
  • Get more memory on your mobile phone.
    There should be at least 4 wind apps.

We understand that after reading these tips you have the idea that this can not be true. We’ll talk to you in a year again!


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