You see it everywhere… #fitgirl. It’s a hype to profile yourself as a real fit girl on social media. It’s hip to be in the gym every night and share selfies with #fitgirl. I sometimes wonder how long they actually train effectively. And tell me honestly, those white walls in the gym are really boring right? Make training fun by going outside and add an extra shot of adrenaline: go kitesurfing!

Bikini body and a healthy lifestyle? Go kitesurfing!

Did you know that kitesurfing is a real full body workout? One that does not require a certain amount of strength but does result in a slim and fit body. If you can do it often enough of course… I think we can conclude that women who are kitesurfing are one of the most healthy looking women in the world of sports. A slim and trained body, beautiful sun-tanned skin, highlights in the hair and often spotted in a bikini. Did you know that by kitesurfing you burn around 750 calories per hour?

That sounds as the best bikini-body-fitness plan that there is, right?

Courage and determination. Forget #badhairday…

Don’t think that after an hour you can do such tricks as Jalou Langeree. Kitesurfing requires patience, guts and determination. You will often be flushed by the waves in the beginning and it will be a lot of falling and standing up. Forget about the charming pictures after your kitesession… After a kitesurfing session (in salt water) your hair feels as a rope and is probably tied up and stuck to your head. And do you know what’s the best about it? You probably don’t care about it anymore!

The only thing you care about is that great feeling that kitesurfing gives you. The rest doesn’t matter anymore …

Kitesurfen Texel

The 5 biggest benefits for a #fitgirl

  1. Hardcore full-body-workout
    This is absolute top sport.
  2. Beach hair, don’t care #saltyhair
    And don’t forget the free highlights you’ll get.
  3. Year-round sun-tanned skin
    No sunbed or self-tanners needed.
  4. Every day #cheatday
    If you kitesurf about three times a week for 2 hours, you can eat anything you want!
  5. Look like a #beachbabe
    Smooth skin, wavy hair, tanned skin, tight buttocks and walk around in your bikini all day.

Sports becomes fun again

If you can never go to the gym again? Of course you can. It is a good addition to kitesurfing as it is not always windy and it will improve your performance on the water. But you are now entering the gym with a goal. A real goal, not to publish the best selfie on Instagram.

Boardsports as an alternative on windless days

Once addicted to kitesurfing you will notice that you have less need to go to the gym and will look for other boardsports that you can do on days when it is not windy. The beach, being outdoors and especially having fun in what you do is addictive. Think, for example, of wakeboarding, supping, surfing or grab a longboard and cruise on the boulevard.

Golfsurfen Dakhla

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