Already addicted to kitesurfing or ready to learn it? In both cases there are enough reasons why you should go on a kitesurfing holiday at least once a year. A kitesurfing holiday is the fastest way to learn it and/or make progress. For both beginners and advanced!

5 reasons why you should go on a kitesurfing holiday at least once a year

  1. No worries
    What is better than waking up, looking out of the window to see if the wind is blowing, having breakfast and going out on the water until the sun goes down? The only thing you need to think about is which size of kite you take.
  2. Good conditions
    You search for a destination / spot with good and constant wind, where it is warm, where you have nice flat water or clean waves and plenty of space to practice (new) tricks or just learn to ride.
  3. Walking around all day in your bikini or boardshort
    If you go on kitesurfing holiday, of course you choose a nice warm destination… right?
  4. Meet new people who share the same passion
    Hoe leuk is het om andere mensen (uit andere culturen) te ontmoeten die dezelfde passie delen? ’s Avonds met z’n allen aan de spot of in de accommodatie genieten van een drankje en napraten over wat je die dag geleerd hebt. Of hoe vaak en hard je gecrasht bent (we know the pain…)
    How nice is it to meet other people (from other cultures) who share the same passion? Having a drink in the evening and talk about what you have learned that day. Or how often and hard you crashed (we know the pain …)
  5. You usually learn as much as an entire season in the Netherlands
    The wind is blowing and you are sitting in the office staring outside, and have to hear all day from your friends how nice it was on the water. In the weekends you are off and the wind doesn’t blow. Again you will have to wait at least a week before you can hit the water. On vacation you can finally kitesurf for a few days in a row and really work on your progress.

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